Provide the concept of Id, Ego and Super ego provided by Freud?

Can some one explain the Id, Ego and Super ego in the Freudian Theory of Personality?
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"Freud spoke of the Id, Ego and Super ego. The Id contains consists of primitive drives that lack the real perception of reality. It operates on the pleasure principle, with the objective of seeking pleasure and avoidance of pain, and doing what one wants to do. The processes that come into play are primary processes like hunger, thirst etc. The Ego is aware of reality and operates via the reality principle, where it recognizes what is real and understands that behavior has consequences. The processes that come into play are secondary processes, like learning and memory, perception etc. It also includes the impact that socialization has to play in the life of an individual; it recognizes the existence of social rules that are necessary in order to live and socialize with other people, and thus, plans to satisfy ones’ needs within the social values and rules. The Super ego comprises the value system and the morals, which emanate from what an individual learns in childhood from his parents. It is contained in the conscious part of our memory. It believes in doing what the society says. While the Ego and Super Ego are partly conscious and partly unconscious, the Id is the unconscious. Further, the Super ego acts as a counterbalance to the Id; the former seeks to restrict the pleasure-seeking demands of the latter, and it is left for the Ego to balance the demands of the Id and Super ego with the constraints of reality; it controls the higher mental processes such as logical reasoning to solve the Id-Super ego dilemma. Source:"
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"No ., confidence as well as excellent-self include the several regions of the actual psychical gadget described throughout Sigmund Freud's morphologic type of the particular psyche; they are these theoretical constructs with regard to whoever exercise as well as relationship thought our life is described. In accordance with this kind of model of this psyche, this identity will be the set of uncoordinated instinctual styles; the particular self is the prepared, reasonable portion; and also the ultra-ego represents your essential as well as moralizing position. "
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