Provide the LPS level of Consumer Decision Making?

Inform something about the Consumer Decision Making level of LPS?
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"LPS: - The consumer is familiar of the product or service offering; but he is unaware of the various brands. - The consumer is aware of some brands and also of the various criteria used to evaluate the product or service offering; he is unaware of the new brands that have been introduced. - He has not evaluated the brands amongst the awareness set and has not established preferences amongst the group of brands. Result: - The purchase process is more of a recurring purchase and it involves only a moderate effort on part of the consumer. Examples: A laptop replacing a desktopSource:"
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"The study of decision making versions plays a vital function inwards studying how much reasonableness regarding consumer making decisions. Such as, the idea of iv modalities of consumer deciding proposed aside To’Guinn et al (2011). The style splits customer determination – generating in several different modalities in line with the a higher level their own engagement, in addition to, how much their own individual encounters with all the company. "
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