"Pure" Aryan Race?

"Basically, in my English class we are doing different topics about the holocaust and my topic is why Hitler wanted a pure Aryan Culture. If you could you please give me some information, websites, links, book titles, that would provide me with some useful information on this topic, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!"
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He wanted a pure German race which eliminated all Communists, Jews and other lesser people. He thought that all Germans should be united and that they are better than everyone else and that they should have Blonde hair and Blue eyes which makes no sense because he didn't have them.
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" Hitler cherished A vestal Aryan competition, people who have azure face, blond locks, carved (in the case of work force) along with beautiful (the truth of girls). They needed many Germans to be racially genuine because he wanted to start her own ""super"" best contest, while he / she would not get gothic haircloth or maybe bluish sight! In addition there seemed to be a great deal of conjecture with regards to him getting gay, though he / she routed homosexuals for you to awareness ideologies and many others. "
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