Research project help?

this coming year i'm entrance 12 months xii ansd equally a part of the sace ( southern hawaiian document involving education) cirricuilum i will be forced to to experience a research project enemy a term. i can be extremely percific within what exactly topic i want to decided to go with in addition to perfect individual issue. There are 2 parts, the actual paging (in which you record thought processes and also selective information accumulated after which the outcome (one thing you sell or deliver from a research like. a 2000 phrase composition, report, a thing you create),Over the getaways We have began on your challenge and have decided to complete decompression sickneess in diving scuba . We jkust please don't understand the very best came from here even though plus it may be far too extensive. We've researched the actual physiology of it but One won't be able to find anytmore within enhancement using this to be able to produced resultant. Can i investigate the treatment method aswell or even can it be getting also brroad? virtually any guide apreciated

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