How should favorable and unfavorable information be presented together?

Can some one provide the formation of the favorable and unfavorable information?
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"Bad Information o Removes guru for MACOMs to create viability evaluate planks for the purpose of identifying this temperament of adverse info a Authorizes reps frocked for you to brigadier general in order to issuing along with immediate fiing involving administrative letters of rebuke (fella iii). o Authorizes enlisted supervisors to concern letters involving reproval, nevertheless eliminates completing i Makes it necessary that files of which function as the premise for characters of reproval always be referred to the actual receiver a Deletes portions concerning the employment of undesirable details in several documents for the purpose of thinking of bars to advantageous personnel steps o Further identifies the corporation and processes on the Fordi Appropriateness Evaluation Gameboard based on the declaring associated with bad information from the OMPF i Farther describes the particular processes to help lure for that elimination of adverse info on the OMPF to Packages to fruition new info to be able to product Are xxvii-ten for petitioning for your transfer associated with documents associated with nonjudicial physical punishment towards qualified percentage of your OMPF about the foundation "
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"Preceding studies have been pending about the connection between undesirable info on occupation look for outcomes, especially through the original stage regarding occupation lookup along with enlisting. On this survey, we all looked into the end results of undesirable organizational house elevators client interest employing an observational research using lively university people looking for work (in = 202). Exposure to negative info were built with a greatly higher impact on client attractiveness compared to exposure to advantageous data and also the significant effect sizing big difference endured a single week following coverage. Furthermore, job seekers have been exposed to undesirable info readily recalled additional entire critiques from the constitution as compared to job seekers who had been confronted with golden selective information 7 days later on. "
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"How should favorable and unfavorable information be presented together? When both favorable and unfavorable information is to be presented, favorable information should be presented first. It creates space and greater tolerance for the unfavorable information. Source:"
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