What kind of Social issues occur when Information Technology is Implemented in a particular area?

Can some one explain the after effect of Information Technology on a society?
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"Social Issues : They are mainly positive issues. There is now flexibility in jobs that can greatly improve the quality of leisure time. There are also great opportunities for people with disabilities. Those who cannot type are able to use voice-operated typewriters or work from home. It has brought about major improvement in health care delivery, ranging from better diagnosis to research of new drugs, to more accurate monitoring of critically ill patients. Source:"
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"Due to the fact instituting basic sociable morphologic changes is exceedingly difficult, these kinds of geomorphological as well as wide spread troubles are often a main reason for extended, intractable situations. Really, just about any pair of organizations as well as social associations that will deny individuality, interpersonal recognition, self-reliance, as well as preconditions intended for homo exploitation, makes an atmosphere regarding struggle.[nine] Architectural conflict will probably result whenever patterned mixer relationships fail to fill introductory requirements or even safe full of life man hobbies.[ten] Any contemporary society of which aspires to meet the requirements of it's citizens, handle significant cultural problems and steer clear of red conflict must handle these problems.[14] "
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