Do you know Socialization at adulthood. What does a person seek from this adult socialization?

I don't know the solution. Help needed.
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"Socialization at adulthood: Socialization does not get restricted to childhood. It extends throughout the life of an individual, as an ongoing process. As a person grows up into adulthood, he interacts with his friend, colleague and work peers and is influenced by them. After he gets married, he starts a household once again and his consumption pattern and behavior is impacted by his spouse. As the newly married couple begins to settle down as a household, they make adjustments with each other with respect to values, lifestyles and modes of behavior. They also make adjustments and adapt themselves with respect to the likes and dislikes of each other, including preferences for product and service offerings as also brands. Once hey have children, they begin to impact and are also impacted by them. Thus, just like the family of orientation, the family of procreation also has an important role to play. Source:"
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Social will be the introductory action with the your survival in soceity. Each and every relegion required instruction regarding social. With out social man are like terrible canine.
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