Can some one briefly explain the Projective Tests in measurement of a culture?

I don't know the solution. Help needed.
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"Projective Tests: Projective tests can be traced to the psychoanalytic psychology, which argue that human beings have conscious and unconscious attitudes, motivations and personalities that are hidden and unknown from conscious awareness. The projective tests attempt to measure underlying traits, fears, anxieties and attitudes, motivations and personalities. They help reveal people’s orientations towards the cultural values, myths, customs, traditions and rituals. The participants are shown pictures, images, cartoons and characters, inkblots and incomplete sentences/paragraphs to understand, interpret and comprehend them. The participants are asked to give as responses all that first comes into their minds. Gestures and body language, tone of voice and other reactions are also noted. The assumption behind use of such tests is that one tends to project and interpret to these ambiguous stimuli from ones’ subconsciousness. Such tests are used to study motivation and personality. The two commonly used tests are the Rorschach Inkblot Test and the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). Source:"
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A psychological test in which words, images, or situations are presented to a person and the responses analyzed for the unconscious expression of elements of personality that they reveal
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