Can some one determine the personal issues in Information Technology?

Can you describe some personal load a person can account while using the Information Technology?
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"Personal Issues : An increase in work load and / or responsibilities can trigger job stress. Many employees feel information anxiety because other people are better than they in using computers, because they are slow in learning new technology and because of the need to continuously learn new things. Exposure to terminals can cause radiation exposure which is associated with cancer and other health related problems. It can also affect eyesight. Other hazards are backaches and muscle tension in the wrist and fingers.Source:"
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"Subsequently, organizations may well develop options in which trade off the prolonged-time period performance in addition to efficiency of design, custom and also control using made easier or maybe random techniques which have been quicker and also more cost-effective to be able to follow through. For example, a few Canadian organizations which in fact had to get Sarbanes-Oxley up to date resorted to spreadsheets along with other ad hoc methods to report handles and conformity mainly because changing current programs or building new ones to check this sort of conformity had been way too tedious and excessively occasion-taking in to satisfy the particular credit reporting deadlines. Nonetheless, it's normally predetermined which spreadsheets deficiency the actual asperity and also discipline regarding expertly created applications; deficiency good quality operations regarding upkeep; and also want sufficient controls for usage as well as protection. Their own durability along with control over time come to be increasingly tough. Therefore, reliance upon spreadsheets in addition to ad hoc procedures may well not persistently match the needs associated with certain regulative systems. Farther, the make use of might increase the risk regarding credit reporting inaccurate or even shoddy conformation facts. "
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