Can some one explain the phenomenon of the Media in the process of Market Communication?

I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. The question is that some one can elaborate the phenomenon if Market Communication's Media process?
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"Receiver: The message is received by the receiver or the target audience, who decodes the message. In our context, the consumers comprise the receiver. While the message is actually meant for the current and prospective consumers (the target audience), there are other elements who also get exposed to the message, although the message is not meant for them. Such people are comprise the “intermediary”, and the “unintended” audiences. Examples of intermediary audiences include channel members (wholesalers, retailers etc.) and professionals (architects, doctors, professors, etc.). While the former are sent trade advertising and persuaded to carry stocks of merchandise, the latter are provided with professional advertising and asked to recommend their products/services to their customers. Examples of unintended audiences are shareholders, bankers, suppliers, employees, and the public. - Message and Decoding: The message is received by the receiver, who decodes the message and responds accordingly. His reaction constitutes a feedback. Source:"
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