Can some one list different methods or techniques of valuing equity share.

Can any one help me on the equity sharing methodologies of a particular value.
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"The different methods of valuing an equity share are as below: Asset based Measures - Book value of Assets less book value of liabilities (based on values as presented in the latest balance sheet of the company) - Adjusted book value (valuation of assets and liabilities done on the basis of market value) - Liquidation value (with the assumption that the firm will be liquidated, hence the valuation is done more on piece meal basis) Valuation Multiples or Relative Valuation Measures - Price/ Earnings Multiple - Price/ Book value Multiple - Price/ Cash flow Multiple - Price/ Sales Multiple Discounted Cash Flow based Measures - Dividend discount model - Free cash flow to equity model Valuation in case of Mergers and Acquisitions: based on similar types of companies that went through merger/ acquisition.Source:"
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