Can some one out there elaborate the Monetary source attribute of a family?

Can some one out in the Docsity world provide the details of the family's Monetary source?
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"Monetary source: The family may comprise a single earner or a dual earner; the rest of the members acts as dependents; It is father and/or mother who are the bread earners, and earn for the rest of the members (children) who act as dependents. While this role was restricted earlier to the man in the family, there is a transition, and today even the woman in the family is playing this role. As is seen the children and the teenagers comprise a major portion of the market as buyers of goods and services. While they desire product and service offerings, the money comes from the parents. Thus providing financial resources to the dependents and looking into their economic well being is a basic family function that the head of the family plays. Source:"
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