Can some one out there list some of the Leading Indicators in the cylinder Indicators?

I have a major quiz tomorrow. Following topic is included. Cylinder Indicartors.
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"Leading Indicators: Economic series that usually reach peaks or troughs before corresponding peaks or troughs in aggregate economy activity. A list of leading indicators is given as below: · Average weekly hours, manufacturing · Average weekly initial claims for unemployment insurance · Manufacturers’ new orders, consumer goods and materials · Vendor performance, slower deliveries diffusion index · Manufacturers’ new orders, nondefense capital goods · Building permits, new private housing units · Stock prices, 500 common stocks · Money supply, M2 · Interest rate spread, 10-year Treasury bonds less Federal funds (%) · Index of consumer expectations. Source:"
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The measurable economic varied of which varies above the business cycle, achieving highs and lows reasonably ahead of some other macroeconomic factors for instance GDP along with lack of employment, and for that reason a good choice for forecasting these people.
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