Can someone define the Valuation Analysis in Active Bond Portfolio Management Strategies?

Hi Everyone! I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. Please describe the Active Bond Portfolio Management Strategy called as "Valuation Analysis"?
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"Valuation Analysis: • Select the bonds on the basis of their intrinsic values • Identification of major factors that affect the bond’s intrinsic values. • Bond’s rating, call feature etc. • Buy the undervalued bonds and sell the overvalued bonds. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Active_Bond_Portfolio_Management_Strategies_-_Security_Analysis_and_Portfolio_Management_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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"The actual passive invest in-in addition to-maintain investor is typically looking to increase the revenue making houses associated with provides. This premiss of the tactic is provides are generally suspected to be safe, expected reasons for income. Purchase along with carry entails purchasing individual bonds along with retaining these phones matureness. Cashflow through the bonds can often deposit exterior profits desires or is usually reinvested inside the profile in additional provides or perhaps different tool instructional classes. "
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