Did the Southern Reconstrcution try to improve black and slave rights?

I'm am really confused..Southeast Reconsrucrtion implies that hard worker legal rights should be constrained correct? so that the south may use them to be successful cheaply? in case your south is attempting to enhance servant proper rights, how must these people utilize the reconstction?
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"Reconstruction happened after the slaves were freed, so no, it had nothing to do with slaves' rights, because there were no slaves. And one of its main goals was to EXPAND, not limit, the rights of the former slaves, who were now free American citizens. Your question is also confusing and confused because you don't specify what you mean by ""the south."" Do you mean only the whites, or only the blacks, or everybody? The word ""Reconstruction"" refers mainly to the political reconstruction of the southern state governments with participation by ex-slaves as well as others, and the states' reintegration into the union. It has much less to do with physical or economic ""reconstruction"" of anything. You need to go read a good U.S. history textbook's explanation of Reconstruction. You are so confused that, with all due respect, you can't at this point even compose a meaningful question about the subject."
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If the battle broken, the freed slaves had been stressed making use of their unexampled privileges. Dark-colored everyone was today U . s . inhabitants and they also at this point could balloting, head to university, and acquire tasks that settled funds. Given that dark guys were being at this point capable to vote, we were holding today in a position to run for sheriff along with federal government jobs. One of the primary greens esteemed when you're elective towards the United states senate has been Hiram Revals, Senator of Mississippi. Some other blues ended up likewise privileged since they can be elective in order to opportunities just like sheriff, gran, along with super connected with education.
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