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Advanced Systems Biology

Brief Turbellaria?
Tomorrow I have a presentation on Phylum Platyhelminthes, Turbellaria class is confusing, Please instruct me.
Brief me about Color Vision?
Give me some points to understand the visual pigments concept. It is not clear to me. Please elaborate.
What are the types of photoreceptors which contains human eye?
We are studying biology subject. My assigned topic for presentation is photoreceptors of human eyes. Would anyone tell me its types?
What are the main parts of the vertebrate eye?
`I am preparing for exam; topic of parts of vertebrate eye is so lengthy, Please someone give me the short instruction.
Compare Vision of Vertebrates and Invertebrates?
My research area is about vision includes Vertebrates and invertebrates. Please tell me the main difference. After concept clarification I will start ...
Brief about Single-lens eyes?
I heard about this term, but don’t know its diversity from normal eye. If someone knows please help.`
What are some risk factors for heart problems?
I am a student of MS, and would like to have someone having deep insights on internationally recognized course to answer my query. It is a wide spread...
What is the latin name for multicellular organisms that obtain their nutrients by- photosynthesis?
this is the last part of the Question) photosynthesis? I'm doing a Biology crossword puzzle.
How do you work out Ki for competitive inhibition of enzymes?
I have a set of values for initial rate at varying substrate and inhibitor concentrations. I have established its non-competitive but how do I work ou...
If carbon dioxide isn't necessarily posionous, why do red blood cells convert it to carbonic acid?
"And then to carbonate ion and so forth.. I understand the whole process and the Bohr effect, etc. What I'm curious and confused about is WHY Why...
What did G.H. Hardy and W. Weinberg do for evolution?
I am doing a science time line for the theory of evolution. These two names are on there and i cant find anything about them! help! i also need to kno...
Compare and contrast the plant cell wall and the prokartyotic/bacterial cell wall?
In terms of structure and function, state their similarities and differences.