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Digital Electronics

Signal conversion
What is the role of the following operations in electronic signal processing in the analog domain. Amplification Filtering Integration Pe...
Design your project for prototype to include digital and analogue electronics
In a certain chemical-processing plant, a liquid chemical is used in a manufacturing process. The chemical is stored in three different tanks. A level...
Describe phase?
Hi, I require knowledge about the phase. Please tell me about it.
When frequency becomes minimum and maximum?
I really wish that someone could answer me. This question was in the class test and is expected to come in final.
What is the relation between frequency and time period?
Would someone volunteer to tell me about the relation between frequency and time period?
In how many types’ periodic analog signals can be classified?
I am writing a research paper. I need to classify the types of periodic analog signals.
What is an Open Archive?
In net surfing why it is used and which type of system base is required?
What is a record?
Record is associated with data or metadata and is it related to harvesting operation?
What can the Application Programming Interface (API) do?
In relation to specific application instruct me about the role of API in various tasks.
What is Facebook Query Language (FQL)?
This language is used in Facebook as indicates from its name but what is the purpose of FQL?
Write the Elements of Algorithms?
An algorithm is a set of steps to accomplish a task. Please tell me about the elements of algorithms.
Classify the general programming languages?
Programming is done in special languages which is understandable by computer. Tell me the general classification used for simple and complex purposes.