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Fundamentals of Semiconductor Fabrication

Which is the most widely used tool for investigating ULSI fabrication processes?
Computer simulation is an important tool for investigating ULSI fabrication processes. Please suggest some software programs that can perform the simu...
What are the uses of semiconductor devices?
I am preparing for exam Please tell me the uses of semiconductor devices.
What is the relation of Photoconductivity with Photon?
I had question in my quiz but I didn’t know the answer. Please tell me the relation of photoconductivity with photon.
What are the properties of semiconductors?
I am doing research on semiconductors. Brief the behavior and properties of semiconductor.
How does a Semiconductor Works?
Today I attended lecture regarding semiconductors but I am not clear about its working. Please help.
How semiconductor devices are made?
I have presentation on the Semiconductor devices, but I don’t know its manufacturing. Please explain briefly.
"What are the benefits of combining physical and chemical Etching? "
Sometimes physical and chemical etching can be combined while implementing plasma etching. Please explain the advantage of using these two techniques ...
Name the software used for the simulation of Etching.
Simulation is a virtual method to analyze the working progress of a process using software. Please give name of the simulation software of Etching.
What is the advantage of using Damascene technique?
Damascene processing uses a trench or a canal to apply an etching. Please mention some of the benefits associated with Damascene technique.
Explain the process of Damascene.
Damascene is an etching technique that uses aluminum or copper. Please explain the general procedure to applying Etching using this technique.
Why copper is preferred as a metallization material especially in ULSI circuits?
Now a day’s copper is preferred for making ICs instead of Aluminum. Please explain the extensive use of copper as a metallization material instead of ...
Why dielectric etching requires aggressive ion-enhancement?
Dielectric Etching is fast etching technique. Please give reasons for the use of aggressive ion enhancement while applying dielectric etching.
On what factor Etch Rate of Aluminum Etching depends?
I am writing a research paper on increasing etch rate techniques. Aluminum etching is one the popular etching techniques I want to know about the fact...
Brief about Properties and material of extrinsic semiconductors?
Just for sake of knowledge I am asking question regarding extrinsic semiconductors. Please tell me the answer.
What is a disadvantage of wet chemical Etching?
Hi I have to present different etching techniques to my class. I am looking for some as advantages of wet etching that I could present. Please help.
Which types of semiconductors are formed after doping?
I have a question regarding the Tidal condition, guys instruct me against given question.
Name different Dry Etching Methods?
I have to do etching of semiconductor wafer. Please tell me about the different techniques that are practiced especially for dry etching.
How semiconductor devices are made?
I have presentation on the Semiconductor devices, but I don’t know its manufacturing. Please explain briefly.