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International Management

Mention some of the main advantages of Centralization.
Sometime the organizational setup is centralized to make the operations mobile. Please present some of the benefits of centralizing an organization.
How can a Stable Fiscal & Monetary Environment contribute towards the development of a country?
Stable enviorment is very important for the progess of a business. Please explain the importantace of Stable Fiscal & Monetary Environment in the prog...
What factors are controlled by the government if the system is Command Economic System?
Command Economic system is that in which all the aspects of the economy is controlled by government. Please enlist some of the feature that the govern...
What is meant by Capital Account?
Sometimes the business deal between two countries is accomplished in the form of a capital account. Please give the general idea of doing business usi...
Elaborate the functions of Focus Strategy.
Strategy is developed to manage the operations of organizations. Please explain the operations that are controlled by Stability Strategy.
Why a lot of businesses are making transition towards Market Economy?
Market economy lies in between command and control economy. Explain the reason of transition of local businesses towards market economic system.
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What is meant by Mixed Economy?
Many marketing sector follow mixed economic system. Please elaborate the concept of mixed economy with reference to marketing planning.
Explain the functions of Operations department in manufacturing industrial setups.
One of the departments in industrial setup is operation setup. Please explain the functions performed by this department.
Explain the activity of Firm Infrastructure.
Sometimes the management of organization involves the activity of Firm Infrastructure. Please explain the functions performed under this activity.
Elaborate the difference between Self- managed and Cross functional team.
Teams can be classified into Self-manage and cross functional. Please explain the main difference between the working mechanisms of these two teams.
What is meant by Purchasing Power Parity?
International business is usually measured in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Please explain the main features of this technique and its impor...
Who controls the resource of Market Economy?
Market Economy can be made better by using good resources. Please explain the controlling body that holds all the resources of a marketing economy.
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