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Network Technologies and TCP/IP

Is there any one provide details of the transmission mode known as "Synchronous Transmission".
Hi everybody! My teacher asked this question during the lecture and I am curious to know.
Is there any person who knows the range of Radio Frequency.
Is there any one who could tell me that what is the Radio Frequencies range?
Please provide details of the Optical Fiber as a transmission medium.
I would be grateful if someone could explain the transmission medium known as Optical Fiber.
Provide the modes of operation in Ethernet Standard.
Hi all! I have lost all hope but I believe this forum can help me. My question is that determine some of the Ethernet Modes.
Please explain the condition in which Hamming distance between valid strings is three.
I was stuck in understanding this while I was preparing for networks. Kindly provide the solution.
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Give an example of a situation in which a host would never receive a redirection message.
Some one who can provide the BOOTP process steps.
I'm preparing for an exam, can anyone please explain to me steps of a BOOTP protocol.
Please provide the details of the Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP).
Can any one help me on the explanation of Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP).
Can some one provide the details of the Dynamic allocation in DHCP.
I am preparing for my finals in the next month. i can't find the solution to this question.
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Some one please explain the "Transmission Technique" function of OSI Model Physical Layer.
Is there anyone who could please tell me the Physical Layer function of "Transmission Technique".
Is there any one who can explain the "Physical Medium Transmission" function of OSI Model Physical Layer.
Does anyone know about the concept of Physical Layer function of "Physical Medium Transmission".
Please provide the protocols that are used in the Physical Layer of OSI Model Physical Layer.
I would be grateful if someone could provide the Physical Layer Protocols in an OSI Model.
Explain the concept of Congestion in a network.
I cant figure it out. Please provide the solution of the above question. Please help.
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