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Is there a question you've always wanted to ask.........?
"but usually agree to? Whether related to work, love or friendship... do you know your own boundaries and do you stick to them?"
When you decide to cut people out of your life, whats the process?
I know we are told not to judge, but if we didn't, where would we be? We would be consorting with a bunch of toxic people who bring us down in life, s...
What's the purpose of life?
I'm Christian, and I think I believe we're as a part of God's plan. But I'm 26 now, and my whole life has been a prison. I'm lonely and faced rejectio...
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How can I make myself feel better?
When I was a kid, I wanted to be THE BEST in the world at something "best of all time even". I tried my best but I was never able to achieve my goal a...
Is it more important to gain knowledge... or to forget it...?
"Information overload. Our brains are cluttered with all kinds of stuff, most of which is completely unimportant. Perhaps everything we need to know ...
I'm sick of livin' my life. it seems ive no choices to go ahead i wanna end it all idk What to do?
"A few days ago i took an ielts exam. The result was not according to me. It doesnt desperate me. The thing thats desperating me iz that my friends...
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Would you sacrifice your life if it meant saving a 1000 people you don't know?
I'm curious to hear your honest answer to this, I personally wouldn't, partially because I have grown so detached from others and I have a strong fear...
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder amongst lawyers is ruining the legal profession?
"Given that a successful prenupt is being sued, do you think choice flow will allow wills to be writen properly or a constitutional cricis they mean n...
Why is IT SO HARD for me to maintain a friendship? Am I that BAD a person?
"I cannot tell you how hard I've pushed myself over the years in attempt to make friends. It was almost as if I was destined to be friendless. The fe...
Is there a point of living if you are very old and frail?
"I started a job in a nursing home. I feel bad for the residents. Its great if you are older and in good shape but I see people who are once lawyers e...
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