Tell the meaning of diocletian tetrarchy.

Hello to everybody, please explain the meaning of diocletian tetrarchy.
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Diocletian tetrarchy was basically the division of Roman Empire in four smaller administration units. Source: http://us.docsity.com/en-video/Constantine_and_the_Early_Church_-_The_History_of_European_Early_Middle_Ages_-_Paul_Freedman_-_Lecture_3_of_22
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The word Tetrarchy (Ancient greek language: "control of four years old [persons]") describes just about any organization associated with government wherever might will be partioned between iv folks, merely generally refers back to the tetrarchy instituted by means of Roman print Saturnia pavonia Diocletian in 293, noticing the tip on the Problems with the 3 rd Hundred years along with the convalescence
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