Tell me what are the different stages of Mergers and acquisitions.

I was reading an article over internet and it had a question that,what are the different stages of Mergers and acquisitions!!!
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"A merger or acquisition is put into motion by a tender offer. A tender offer is an offer to purchase some or all of a company’s shares. It can be of a friendly or unfriendly nature while Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) laws require any corporation or individual acquiring five percent or more of a company to disclose information to the SEC regarding the target company and the exchange. When filing with the SEC, the company must submit how many shares that they own and whether or not the intention is to buy the target company or to invest in it. "
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"Using financial advisors, investment bankers, and profitability predictors, the company that intends to acquire the other company formulates a price that it is willing to pay its target. This price is then publicized to the press along with a deadline by which the target company must either reject or accept the proposal. "
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"-Internal Self-Assessment & Pre Acquisition Review - Search & Screen Targets - Investigate & Value the Target: - Negotiation and Communication - Implementation & Post Merger Integration - Post acquisition audit and organizational learning Source:"
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