Why is it that it was the English who gained the strongest foothold in the Americas?

The reason why British the official words associated with The us? Why not How to speak spanish, The german language, The french language, Nederlander, Portuguese, and many others... Was The united kingdom the world power throughout Europe at the time, therefore attributing thus to their power to overcome along with basically make the greatest land on this planet, america? Precisely what manufactured Uk the most crucial words inside the planet? Precisely why are the actual British men and women and so commended its that, as long as they so are? The reason why have been the people of Britain devising the most important voyages in those times?
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"Why the Chinese did not go past their shores is a totally different question. To answer that would be to answer a dozen more. As for the English, they wanted it more. The French had a good foothold and so did the Spanish. The Spanish though barely traveled north of the Rio Grand. As much as they calmed the western U.S., until the Russians started to come down from Alaska, the Spanish hardly set foot in California. They did not think it worth the effort. The English set up three distinct and separate colonial ideas. That way, no matter what your life goal was, you could find a colony that represented it."
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"Plenty of missionaries with the chapel are increasingly being referred to as to help South America. It has a huge population which they imagine are usually solid within hope, just anticipating teachings to become exposed to them. Many of them can't afford to leave your celibate to return uncover what they may be looking for, so the community center is definitely giving associates there. "
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