the meaning of development

How philophy can help Africa's development
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It is difficult to say what development is. First of all we need to clarify if our way to understand it is the only one that must be extended to the rest of the world. I think that Africa needs its ways to develop and to achieve a status that could not be the same as ours. Development does not mean oil, plastic, cancers, and so on. Metabolic rift, climate changes, unemployment are not "development". So, who could say what development is? And how to reach it? First of all, in this process, we should exclude our Western vision from this discussion to understand African situation and the one of the South of the World. This is very difficult, but if we still think that other areas, with other geological/geographical, political, historical and economic situation must have the same vision of development, we'll never take a step forward. Philosophy can help, but many few people and niches (talking about mass theories) are aware of these situations around the world: most of them are totally sure that our help is required everywhere, like Superman...
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In terms of development,Africa really needs political,economical and also social development.Being in one of the african countries i can be in position to help you get the answer whether philosophy can aid in Africa development. IN the first place,philosophy in general being the quest for knowledge or rather wisdom,will enable the majority in knowing what is right for them nd what is not. At large,the knowledge is confided in the hands of the rich elite.Why? This is because its only their sons and daughters will attend the best schools,pay all the biils for education and excel academically as compared to the poor man son (who are the majority) who struggles to pay his school fees. Its also the same elite who always pocket money meant for African countries development from taxpayers and also donors not forgetting international loans. It seems even dangerous for them to have knowledge for they easly manipulate the thinking of the masses. when we look Philosophy at this way and its not hard to conclude that philosophy will remain in books and africa's development will remain a theory for the west.
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