In the middle ages how did the lord benefit from people relying on him?

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"The lord of a fief was the supreme ruler over his territory. From the feudal agreement he gained these rights. Hunter: Hunting was a favorite pastime for a medieval lord. It was also the main source of meat for the lord's table. There were two main forms of hunting: falconry and the hunting of land animals. The noblemen did their best to maintain forests for their own private use. They passed laws so that no peasants could hunt in the forests. If a peasant poached in the forest, he could have his hand or head cut off. In this way, the lords were free to hunt in the forest all of the time. The other form of hunting was called falconry. The lord would use a bird to kill another bird or small animal in this type of sport. A falcon is an intelligent bird that a special servant called a falconer trained. It was taught to hunt down and attack other birds in the sky."
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