What is known about Theobold Von Holweg's (German chancellor during WW1) banking family?

"only agreed to be 100 % pure coincidance that they ended up being The german language pm through WW1 and he was from the really flush in addition to potent ""bank spouse and children"" ,,Theater associated with Holweg? (btw, any individual realize why would you use ""Theater connected with"" in this case? I figured was just intended for royalty) every other degrees of governmental policies as well as organization blended together that blatantly? the reason why folks didn't wonder exactly why additional? (Many people go through newspapers and may even know about this?)"
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"You have already asked about him. Again, I will suggest that you do your own research since you are so interested in history. His great grandfather married into the Bethmann banking family. Over the ages, politicians have often come from the rich or elite of society. Pompey, Caesar, Kennedy, Bush, Romney. Peasants did not usually end up in high political office. Lots of politicians have come from rich families. Why do you use quotation marks around ""banking family""? When people do that, it is usually code for ""Jewish"". Is that what you mean, or do you just not know how to write well?"
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"Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg became a In german politico and national leader which functioned because Prime minister with the A language like german Empire coming from 1909 in order to 1917. "
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