Theoretical question for Physicists?

"Imagine an ideal chamber, enclosing a gas that is completely isolated from the external environment. In other words, the gas being enclosed by the chamber has absolutely no way in escaping outside the chamber. Imagine also, that all sides of the chamber, have pistons that surround the gas and these pistons move in to compress the gas and create a smaller volume for the gas inside the chamber.

Now realistically, the more energy you use to compress any gas, the harder it becomes and more energy is needed because as the volume decreases, the gas particles have less space to move about.

That being said, what if you apply an INFINITE amount of energy on the pistons of the chamber to compress the gas to the point where the volume inside the chamber reaches ZERO. Is that possible in the real or ideal world? What would happen to the gas in such situation? Would it turn into an unstable solid and explode if the volume of the chamber increases again or becomes exposed to the external environment?

I always wondered what the answer for this would be."

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