Is there some one who can briefly explain Purusa in a few sentences.

Hey guys. I am preparing for my mid-term examination. Can you help me on the definition of PURUSA.
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"Purusa has neither beginning nor an end. It is pure-consciousness and ubiquitous. It is the self, subject, and knower. It is neither the body, nor the mind (mānas), neither ego (ahaṁkāara) nor intellect (buddhi). It is not the substance which has the quality of consciousness. It is the basis of all knowledge and is the supreme knower. It can’t be the object of knowledge. Source:"
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"Using some lineages associated with Hinduism, Purusha (Sanskrit puruṣA, पुरुष ""homo, Cosmic male"", inwards Sutra lit also referred to as puṃs ""man"") could be the ""Home"" that pervades the particular market. This Vedic divinities usually are interpretations of the many issues with Purusha. Based on the Rigvedic Purusha sukta, Purusha seemed to be dismembered by the devas—the thoughts are your Celestial body overhead, the eye include the Sun, and the breath is the blowing wind. In the Rigveda, Purusha is definitely described as a primordial large that may be sacrificed through the gods (discover Purushamedha) as well as by who is soundbox the entire world along with the varnas (classes) are created. He's termed creating a 1000 brain and also a 1 , 000 ft. He or she emanated Virat, the female innovative rule, from where he could be born-again consequently following the world appeared outside of the parts."
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