This question is for anyone who know about the history of sex. Help please?

Discover this parallels and also differences relating to the vistas connected with libido inside the ancient world (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome). So why do you believe there is such a give attention to sex as well as sex in these civilizations? The reason was sexual activity so interweaved along with religious beliefs?
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"Sex is normally intertwined with religion. It is only in relatively recent developments that this is not the case. Sex has always been much the same - to understand the connexion, what is needed, I think, is the history of religion. Religion is concerned with the things that matter most: to a hunting or farming community, this usually means with fertility in one form or another. To a people with limited understanding of natural processes it is reasonable to suppose that a god - a mysterious personification of natural forces - can intervene to make the corn grow, the goats kid and so on. Many cultures have a dominant male and a dominant female god, usually seen as 'married' to each other. Typically, the sky god is married to the earth goddess; he covers her and couples with her (rain and sunshine fertilising the earth-womb) so that crops and animals grow. The earth was virgin every spring until fertilised, then became a mother, finally to die (but awaiting a springtime resurrection) as winter arrived. The same cycle (new, full, old) was seen in the phases of the moon. By sympathetic magic it was sometimes believed that humans could help the process along by imitating in their own persons what the gods did. Priest and priestess sometimes had sex in a ploughed field (I know: damned uncomfortable) in the hope of stimulating the sky-god to do his duty. In some religions there was an annual sex-orgy to give natural fertility a boost; there were many variations. Decorating and dancing round a maypole (symbolising an erect phallus), and reputedly having sex in the fields was an English version. For this reason the Puritans abolished the festival as a relic of paganism. Remnants of this primitivism can be found in the more developed religions of the historic period in the ancient world, and even in some thoroughly modern ones where sex as such has been eliminated from the picture: Christianity has, for instance, a coupling of the sky-father with a virgin, whose offspring would bring benefits to mankind. It has a death and a resurrection, ritually celebrated. And so on."
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One of the wonderful talents connected with Skinner's way of the topic of historic sexualities (and also one other way by which the lady models herself aside from the historians that have preceded the girl) is how the girl combines many different distinct social merchandise in their own psychoanalysis. Much of precisely what she inspects will be textual, however lots of the woman's research is actually inspired and archaeologic. Basement ceramic from 1000 to be able to 400 BCE not only shows settings connected with lovemaking term but in addition usually information the particular waning interest in paederasty along with waxing fascination with heterosexual human relationships, since chronicled by simply textual sources
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