"a. The French and Chinese prime ministers need to come to an agreement by telephone, but neither speaks the other’s language. Further, neither has on hand a translator that can translate to the language of the other. However, both prime ministers have English translators on their staffs. Draw a diagram to depict the situation, and describe the interaction and each level. b. Now suppose that the Chinese prime minister’s translator can translate only into Japanese and that the French prime minister has a German translator available.A translator between German and Japanese is available in Germany. Draw a new diagram that reflects this arrangement and describe the hypothetical phone conversation."

Explain the solution please?
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"The PMs speak as if they are speaking directly to each other. For example, when the French PM speaks, he addresses his remarks directly to the Chinese PM. However, the message is actually passed through two translators via the phone system. The French PM's translator translates his remarks into English and telephones these to the Chinese PM's translator, who translates these remarks into Chinese. b. An intermediate node serves to translate the message before passing it on."
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