Tudor times kings/queens?

"Can easily an individual identify all the Tudor varieties as well as queens (with birth and also dying day) and also tell me a thing useful approximately everybody? Cheers before hand ^^"
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"There were only 5 (if you ignore Lady Jane Grey - the 9 days Queen) Henry VII 1485 – 1509 effectively ended the Wars of the Roses by marrying Elizabeth of York Henry VIII - 1509 - 1547 married 6 times, founded the Royal Navy, broke with Rome and founded the Church of England - became the richest man on the planet but died broke. Edward VI - 1547 -1553 died probably of TB - Devout Protestant - son of Jane Seymour (succeded by Lady Jane Grey) Mary I - 1553-1558 Dau of Catherine of Aragon - Married Philip of Spain - died of cancer - Devout (nay extreme) Catholic - lost Calais Elizabeth I - 158 -1603 Daugheter of Anne Boleyn - Protestant Virgin Queen who presided over a Golden Age - killed her cousin the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots, whose protestant son James Stuart (in the absence of any heirs from Elizabeth) became King - founding the next dynasty and conjoining the thrones of Scotland and England.."
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There were v crowned Tudor queens and kings and they are generally extremely effectively-recognized numbers with Noble background
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