Two history questions :) Please, can you help?

"Create the part traces the actual strong-arm launching involving remote China for you to Westerly imperialistic properties. Use distinct functions that demonstrate this physical launching and also explain the outcomes. Incorporate leastways three occasions. Observe: YOU DO NOT HAVE To create A PARAGRAPH!!!!!!! Merely make sure you deliver some things/tips. (You can create i if you need, ; ), however I understand not a soul may consequently merely produce some points) two) Explain your transforming mind-set connected with Men and women in the direction of Christianity within the position-Ww 1 geological era and also the reasons behind the idea. Summarize the way the job areas associated with therapy, technology, and doctrine supported this postwar good sense connected with uncertainty."
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idk about the first question, but for question 2 you could describe the changing attitudes in Germany and especially the rise of Adolf Hitler
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