Why do I always feel the need to "save" everything?

"Not save as in help, save as in to save the state of something in the event that the thing needs to be reverted to the last save point.


If I am playing a video game, I quicksave every 10 seconds, even if I have not made progress.

When I am using data editing software at university or work I save after each and every word and sometimes in between.

But I am mainly an outdoors person, I do not spend all the hours of the day saving things on computers.

And yet when I am doing something that does not involve computers my brain sends me the message to ""save"" that particular point in time just in case I crash my bike or say the wrong thing to a girl."

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doggy 05-03-2013
doggy - University of London
When we loop the same piece of information through our consciousness the belief is deepened each and every time. To stop this looping from continuing you have taken the first step. This is awareness. When you become aware that you are doing it again then insert a new message. Tell it to stop or not now, or only when on the computer. Sometimes you do need to specify when it can function. If you don't designate when the message is to be actioned it will return immediately after your current activity. Looping is normal and just needs awareness to manage it. Many blessings to you.
dinesh 07-05-2013
dinesh - Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences
1 month ago doggy, University of London, Criminal law

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