Was Canada part of the Native American's (

since its inside the americas
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"The boundaries between Canada and the USA, and the USA and Mexico are the result of colonialist warfare and have nothing to do with the distribution of the native peoples who had their own boundaries which crossed these borders. There are even special rules governing cross-border movement by Native peoples across the US-Canda border where these divide tribal land. In addition to those peoples indigenous to Canada there were some such as the remnant of the Lakota Sioux, who sought political asylum in Canada as the USA seemed determined to exterminate them. The First Nations of Canada have long running disputes both with the Dominion Government and at Provincial and local level over treaty breaches and other issues."
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This label "mental reservation" originates from the actual pregnancy of the Native indian tribes seeing that separate sovereigns back then this Oughout.Azines. Establishment has been sanctioned. Hence, early peace treaties (frequently signed within discomfort) through which Indian tribes surrendered prominent portions regarding area towards Oughout.Utes. likewise chosen parcels that this tribes, as sovereigns, "reserved" to themselves, and people parcels was named "bookings
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