Was Julius Caesar good for the people of Rome?

"Immediately after observation a few documentries in Julius Caesar as well as the senate It seems to me in which julius caesar do a lot of best for rome along with the us senate seemed to be wicked, can easily person wide open the little brown eyes to this affair. Would Julius Caesar benefit for Rome and persons, and also did this us senate get rid of julius caesar, decrease of energy? Money? The capital? Fair curious about it."
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"it's like every society in history there is always people wanting to be at the top and Rome was no different Julius Caesar did rise to the top through his feats with the army but he became arrogant and wanted it all he wanted supreme control more then just an Emperor instead of the hero he made himself feared and no one man was greater than the Empire so he was murdered there was no love lost in the quest for power as clever as Rome was they were just as devious"
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"indeed.Right after offering from the Roman Military, Caesar developed an interest in national politics. He or she evolved into a new influenced homo that desired to arrive at the best opportunities with Roman type state policies. Inside 65 BC, Caesar ended up being appointed an 'adele' and the boss of populace entertainment inside Rome. This was an important position since the individuals associated with Rome anticipated choice entertainment. Rrt had been presumed by means of those who ran Italian capital that this persons may very well be retained well-chosen and also contented when they got usage of diverse and satisfying entertainment. Caesar latched onto this publish together with readiness. They borrowed prominent sums of cash in order that the actual activity this individual provided had been the top income could possibly bargain. He or she put on games in addition to festivals to the persons. Therefore, they became quite popular while using the very poor involving The italian capital - a considerable perhaps the city's populace. This individual likewise courted this a friendly relationship regarding Rome's most wealthy gentleman, Crassus. "
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