Was the US paranoid to the point of murder during the communist witch hunt?

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"In a word, yes. People were sentenced to death for treason simple because they were suspected of being communist sympathizers without evidence. Not only that, but their civil and constitutional rights were violated during the inquisition. And in like any witch hunt, you either confessed or die. Despite the fact that those senators would now be on death row for treason and sedition, there were civilians who thought others might be commies and believed they were doing the states a favour of ridding them of the red menace."
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"Your Freezing Conflict had been basically sizzling hot -it professed genuine lives also it evoked the normal prejudices, cannot stand in addition to doubts that most competitions suggest. Secretively fought, the actual atrocities so it developed ended up incredibly actual. Like trench combat, your guaranteed results of profoundly entrenched prejudices is actually dying in addition to damage. Intentionally discerning bias, leapt on the view that delicacy is a useless path with regard to peace, produced the rigid, do it yourself-denoting, Cold struggle schedule which usually built targets of the very most ideal [the goal along with the separate-minded] and frequently powered the professions of the very most most severe [the particular ideologically likely demagogue] ."
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