How were the slave states similar to the Confederate states? and How were they different?

Firm buckle down says:Missouri, Kentucky, Md, Delaware, in addition to Gulf Virginia. How ended up many people Much like Accomplice STATES?Guide ! This program my own account course of study
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"similar in that they had slaves, Those states had much fewer slaves, Delaware for example less than 2% of the population were slave. The economies of the Union slaves states was much more diverse, and linked to the North. The Confederate states had single-crop economies, mostly cotton, some tobacco. The loyal slaves states just did not have the climate for those crops. The reason the Confederate states had a larger slave population: ""King Cotton"" (cotton was more dependent on slavery) and the biggest market for that cotton was textile mills of England. The points to remember: COTTON and percentage of slaves of the total population."
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"The actual Allied Claims regarding America (CSA), generally known as the actual Federation, would be a govt build through 1861 to help 1865 by way of amount of The southern part of break one's back declares which have expressed their secession in the United states of america. Your Conspiracy named users eleven states which had technically stated sezession, a pair of further states with a smaller amount proper declarations, and something unexampled soil. The Conspiracy ended up being at some point beat inside the Us Polite Battle up against the Uniting"
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