Were there any black people on the titanic?

when i didn't see any african american persons in the movie or even find out about some of these from the books.
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They would have been third class. But then again, there were not that many black people on the ship. So that is why. There were probably some Turkish people too but they would have been a minority. There were a lot of British and Irish on board. Remember that the 3rd class passengers were on the Titanic because they were immigrating, not travelling for leisure.
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Through the time period this lookouts appeared the actual alert, the officers within the span got only thirty-seven mere seconds to help reply before the Titanic ship hit your berg. In this occasion, Primary Military officer Murdoch requested "hard some sort of-starboard" (that turned this deliver for you to slot -- left). He or she additionally coherent this engine room to put the machines backwards. Your Titanic ship would standard bank left, but it really was not very adequate.
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