What do you know about pesticides that are currently used? Is there any long-term danger to our health?

Hi all! This seems way too difficult for me, please explain!!
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"There are a number of glyphosphate formulations sold. A familiar one is Roundup. ""However, while glyphosate alone has low toxicity, the formulation of glyphosate with the surfactant polyoxyethylene amine (POEA), which is widely used, is significantly more toxic."" ""Some soil invertebrates including springtails, mites and isopods are also adversely affected by glyphosate. Of nine herbicides tested for their toxicity to soil microorganisms, glyphosate was found to be the second most toxic to a range of bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes and yeasts"" This explains why it inhibits nitrogen fixation in soil following up on long term use if it reduces the numbers of diazotrophic bacteria. The implication is that some is rapidly destroyed by UV but some is bound to soil particles so can remain intact and may be released from soil and taken up by plants or soil dwelling organisms."
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"Inorganic sprays aren't today's innovation. Much needed sulphur was developed by means of ancient Sumerians to shield their own plant life from insect pests. Ancient farmers and researchers attempted substances between As to steer on popular crops. "
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