What are depressants, and what are their effects?

Does anyone know about the concept of depressants, and their effects , please help.
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A downer, or middle downer, is usually a medicine or endogenous colonial that will decreases or maybe depresses arousal amounts along with minimizes irritability. Depressants are from time to time often called "downers" because they reduced the level of rousing when interpreted. Inciters as well as "uppers" increase thought as well as/or perhaps physical office include the running(a) opposites involving depressants.
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"Depressants are widespread internationally equally pharmaceutical drug drugs and since adulterous chemicals. Whenever these are generally used, consequences can lead you to anxiolysis, pain alleviation, sedation or perhaps drowsiness, in addition to cognitive/ram problems, and a few situations euphoria, disassociation, muscle tissue relaxation, diminished blood pressure level or maybe heartbeat, respiratory system despression symptoms, as well as antiepileptic drug outcomes, and in some cases full anesthesia or even decease from in high spirits dosages. "
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