What are the differences among backed LANs, SANs, and backbone LANs?

How can you differentiate the following terms: backend LANs, SANs, and backbone LANs?
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"Backend LAN: Backend networks are used to interconnect large systems such as mainframes, supercomputers, and mass storage devices. The key requirement here is for bulk data transfer among a limited number of devices in a small area. High reliability is generally also a requirement. SAN: A SAN is a separate network to handle storage needs. The SAN detaches storage tasks from specific servers and creates a shared storage facility across a high-speed network. Backbone LAN: A backbone LAN is a high-capacity LAN used to interconnect a number of lowercapacity LANs."
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nstead of using an individual LAN which often is affected with: dependability, mental ability as well as price problems; a better thought should be to make use of cheaper, reduced volume LANs inside complexes and complect these with a greater capability LAN
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