What are the distinctions among the terms public key, private key, secret key?

What is the difference between public key, private key, secret key?
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"The key used in symmetric encryption is typically referred to as a secret key. The two keys used for public-key encryption are referred to as the public key and the private key. Invariably, the private key is kept secret, but it is referred to as a private key rather than a secret key to avoid confusion with symmetric encryption."
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General public-cardinal cryptography means A cryptologic organization necessitating 2 separate tips, one ofthese is definitely secret and another which will be public. Although unlike, the two areas of the key set are mathematically joined. One particular key locks or even encrypts the actual plaintext, as well as the some other adjusts as well as decrypts the ciphertext. None key can perform equally features (however, the actual private essential can create people key). One of these brilliant secrets is released or maybe populace, as the different is definitely unbroken private.
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