"What are neurons, and how do they transmit information?"

Hey guys. I am preparing for my mid-term examination. Can you help me on the role of neurons in psychology and transmit ion of information.
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A neuron is an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals. A chemical signal occurs via a synapse, a specialized connection with other cells.
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Neurons get connected to one another to nerve organs communities. Neurons are the magnetic core aspects of this nervous system, consisting of the brain, medulla spinalis, and also peripheral device ganglia. A number of specialized types of nerves really exist: physical nerves reply to effect, noise, light-weight and several some other stimuli impacting tissues with the physical variety meat that next air impulses for the spinal cord in addition to head. Engine neurons get impulses from your human brain and medulla spinalis, bring about muscle tissue contractions, along with have an effect on glands. Interneurons be connected neurons with neurons inside the same place in the mental faculties or maybe vertebrae.
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