What are problems faced in File system?

LIst the problems faced in file systems.
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Problems:–limited resources of mobile computers (memory, CPU, ...)–low bandwidth, variable bandwidth, temporary disconnection–high heterogeneity of hardware and software components (no standard PC architecture)–wireless network resources and mobile computer are not very reliable–standard file systems (e.g., NFS, network file system) are very inefficient, almost unusable. Source:http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Mobile_Computing_-_Wireless_Mobile_Clustering_-_Anurag_Malik Source:http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Mobile_Computing_-_Wireless_Mobile_Clustering_-_Anurag_Malik
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"The particular Finale distributed filing system is a state of the art data-based file system designed inside the gang of Michael. Satyanarayanan on Carnegie Mellon College or university. Many people led for you to Coda which in turn currently includes quite a few features definitely not seen in other systems:Traveling with a laptop confused function regarding cell consumers reintegration of data coming from shut off consumers bandwith adaption Disappointment Strength interpret/save reverberation machines image resolution regarding forum/host clashes addresses associated with network failures which often partitioning your computers addresses disjuncture connected with customers client Efficiency and scalability customer side persistent caching regarding data files, sites in addition to qualities regarding high end publish again caching"
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