What are symptoms of depression?

Name the symptoms of depression.
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Symptoms of depression include extreme behavior change, loss or gain in apatite, insomnia or sleepiness, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, sadness, irritability, drug abuse, defiant behavior, poor school performance etc. Source:
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"Just about everyone has occasions as well as brief durations involving unhappiness whenever we tactile property alone or perhaps feeling hopeless. These kinds of sounds tend to be normal types which occasionally happens to existence. They are often the effect of a recent damage, using a in particular challenging time or even 1 week, or possibly a reaction to a new deleterious review. However, when emotions regarding dismay along with within deal engulf anyone, it's which they sabotage astounding to live on a usual in addition to lively life, you'll be able that they have what on earth is termed as major depressive disorder (MDD), also called depression, unipolar depressive disorder or significant depressive disorder. Conversationally, the trouble is merely often called depressive disorders. "
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