What are the advantages of using CDMA for a cellular network?

How can be CDMA cellular network advantageous?
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"Frequency diversity: Because the transmission is spread out over a larger bandwidth, frequency-dependent transmission impairments, such as noise bursts and selective fading, have less effect on the signal. Multipath resistance: The chipping codes used for CDMA not only exhibit low cross-correlation but also low autocorrelation. Therefore, a version of the signal that is delayed by more than one chip interval does not interfere with the dominant signal as much as in other multipath environments. Privacy: Because spread spectrum is obtained by the use of noise-like signals, where each user has a unique code, privacy is inherent. Graceful degradation: With FDMA or TDMA, a fixed number of users can simultaneously access the system. However, with CDMA, as more users simultaneously access the system, the noise level and hence the error rate increases; only gradually does the system degrade to the point of an unacceptable error rate."
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Cell phone cpa networks give a volume of rewards over option alternatives: whippy adequate make use of the characteristics and processes of almost most private and public systems[just one] greater capacity decreased energy manipulation much larger reporting spot lowered interference through some other signals"
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