What are the attributes of good software?

What are the attributes that make a good software?
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•The software should deliver the required functionality and performance to the user and should be maintainable, dependable and acceptable.–Maintainability•Software must evolve to meet changing needs–Dependability•Software must be trustworthy . Source:
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"Creative thinking. This if you ask me is among the greatest one particular. In a single common sense it's quite uncomplicated to distinguish specifications and make positive and negative predicaments for each one and then for the actual branched answers. Even so where I've come across (massive) difficulties in the manufacturing surroundings usually are with regard to examples which come away from left field. You will need person income formulate out there-associated with-the actual-box suggestions situations to capture edge situations that may definitely cave something. Rational Curiosity. This is an important quality upon many methodologies. As a QA industrial engineer you have to be hands-on in terms of identifying changes to the system that may impingement outcomes. Some sort of corollary to that is definitely every transform may be put in place having the capacity to systematically search for the idea here we are at it is source. This is simply not for that average person and you'll easily view that is great at regress evaluation along with who has definitely not. Emotional Rigor. As mentioned earlier mentioned there's a certain quantity regarding inspecting needs as well as figuring out analyze examples. I've seen a lot of times when clear check examples weren't captured for the reason that QA electrical engineer would not carry out homework within generating all the test out circumstances that had been in front of them inside demands. With regards to the quantity of prerequisites and also wanted analyze coverage it will take A correction in order that this is being carried out decently. It's rather a deadening task sometimes and can demand hardship."
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