What are the bases of Segmenting Consumer Markets?

I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. The question is that provide some Segmenting Consumer Markets bases.
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"The bases for segmentation of consumer markets may be divided into two broad categories of variables: i) Demographic variables: these comprise: - demographics: age, gender, income, education, occupation, family size, family life cycle, generation, social class, religion, nationality, culture, sub-culture - geography: Location / country, region, state, city/metro density of population, climate, terrain. - psychographics needs and motivation, perception, personality, attitude, involvement, lifestyle( Activities, Interests, Opinions). ii) Behavioral variables: these comprise: consumer awareness, benefits sought/uses/ needs/ motivation, buying occasions/ purchase situations, buying/usage frequency, buying readiness stage, loyalty status, usage rate, shopping orientation. Source:"
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Market place division is a internet marketing strategy which involves splitting up a broad marketplace directly into subsets of consumers who may have popular needs (and/or perhaps widespread dreams) as well as typical applications for your appropriate products along with products and services. Depending on the specific attributes in the solution, most of these subsets could possibly be divided by simply requirements including get older in addition to sex, or additional distinctions, for example location or revenue. Advertising and marketing campaigns might be created as well as put in place to focus on these types of specific purchaser sections, addressing needs as well as desires which might be regarded as typical in this message, employing advertising currently in use because of the market message.
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