What are the basic types of reinforcers?

Can any one help me on the basic types of reinforcers.
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"Positive reinforcement adds something desirable to increase the frequency of a behavior. Negative reinforcement removes something undesirable to increase the frequency of a behavior. Primary reinforcers (such as receiving food when hungry or having nausea end during an illness) are innately satisfying— no learning is required. Conditioned (or secondary) reinforcers (such as cash) are satisfying because we have learned to associate them with more basic rewards (such as the food or medicine we buy with them). Immediate reinforcers (such as unprotected sex) offer immediate payback; delayed reinforcers (such as a weekly paycheck) require the ability to delay gratification."
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Reinforcement is a time period with ope-observation health and fitness as well as doings analysis for the means of defining the directly mensurable aspect involving behavior—such as price (age.G., taking a new prize more often), duration (E.h., pull a new pry for amounts of time), value (age.gary the gadget guy., dragging a new lever tumbler together with better pressure), or perhaps latent period (at the.g., yanking the lever tumbler more speedily following a oncoming of an environmental function)—as a operate on the distribution of a stimulation (electronic.grams. money from a slot machine) quickly or soon after the occurrence of the behavior. Giving a new scamp some sort of blueberry pertaining to performing A secret is an demonstration of beneficial encouragement.
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